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Angry Re: Please Take A Stab At This!

Hey guys! I'm here posting the results of my ultrasound, which despite the tech acting worried about fluid built up in my kidney, were normal! Of course I asked the doctor's henchman about this, and she went through my papers and confirmed there was no notice of fluid. So why the ultrasound tech made a big deal over my kidney fluid build up, I will never know.

The doctors office is also surprised that my symptoms (Since turning 27 - diarrhea for almost 2.5 years every day, random hot flashes, insomnia, hair changes, fatigue, vision issues, (NO weight loss!), etc.) have not miraculously improved since I saw the doctor 3 weeks ago. Unbelievable! It actually makes me angry because it is obvious to me that I am seeing yet another doctor who believes my symptoms are fake or self induced. I am sooooo tired of this, but I keep going to the doctor because I know my family worries and we'd all like to know that my body is not slowly falling to pieces.

I don't know how much more poking and testing I can handle. I feel like I have to keep going from doctor to doctor, blowing so much time (YEARS) and money, just to get nowhere trying to find someone who thinks outside the box or will take me seriously. I guess I will simply end up living as a hermit for the rest of my life unless I can have a toilet installed on my rear end and it becomes socially acceptable to be that way lol!

They did take blood to test my thyroid levels and they said that came back normal, as well. Every thing is normal. I suppose normal is good, but I'm still suffering. I shudder to think how I will cope if I have another ailment come up, like a rattlesnake bite when I'm out walking my dogs or something. Maybe if I'm in an emergency setting crapping all over the office while they treat me they'll try something else? Doubtful, they'd probably just give me Lomotil to make the symptom stop.

Susie, Belle, everyone else who has supported me and provided input - I thank you very much!

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