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Concerned, 20 year old man.

Hello, I am writing because I am slightly concerned about my health. Diabetes runs in my family and my father has had diabetes type 2 for many years. I have had rapid weight gain in the last 3 years now I weigh 15 stone and am about 6 ft tall. I have drunk a lot of alcohol being a student and eaten a lot of food, take aways most nights etc. I have strange symptoms and don't know what they are related to.
*Joint aches, aching in the muscles around the joint. Like a burning sensaiton in my calf, legs and tingles in my feet. In my fingers, and aches/tingle in my finger joints. I feel like my hands are shaking when they aren't.

Looking back, I remember a few weeks ago when I was out with my friends and I had a joint. I smoked a lot and I had tingles in my feet, and legs. This went as it came out of my system but for two days I had tingly feet. Thats the only other time I remember feeling like this. Now I have these chronic dull muscle aches that feel more like burning and they come and go. Tingling lips as well, like a burning sensation and on my cheeks. I had some throbbing feeling in my spine not often though that was once. This has happened for the last week. I had a time where I kept urinating as soon as I wake up which was odd.

2 months ago, I had a one night stand which was unprotected and initially assumed it may be a HIV infection and the symptoms pertain to that. However I got tested and it was negative with the doctors telling me its highly unlikely to be HIV and my symptoms didnt match. I have been very anxious thinking I have HIV and have not eaten a lot of food. I have drunk a lot of water, lately and without realising I find im always drinking water. I dont recall ever feeling thirsty but im always drinking water. Maybe it's a habit. I also have a bit of a malaise feeling. And have had a rash. I ought to ask to see my blood sugar levels. But it runs in my family and I am short sighted in one eye which started when I was 17 but at the time i had lost severe weight. I have never been tested for Diabetes. My liver did feel like it was going one night when i drank a lot which is when all this began. I have had a habit of binge drinking and it had throbbing pain. This weekend I had a glass of wine and again I could feel it, but not a pain more like just an awareness of it. That it was there. I don't know to relate these symptoms to Diabetes or Hiv infection. Im finding i also have a fungal infection on my toe nail i think which wasnt there before. Hmm its all odd! Any expertise will be appreciated or advice. Thanks

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