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Re: Am I alone?

As a mother of am 18yr old autistic child i can really feel for what you are going through. Please don't despair, it is because he loves you that he feels he can say those things honey. He knows he is not allowed to speak to someone else like that, and he probably see's you as his safety net, he knows you so well he is comfortable with you, he knows you love him and he loves you. You know what its like if an autistic person can not let out their anger, they build up and up and eventually explode, but he feels safe in the fact that he can let out his anger and stress towards you, i know thats not fair but he feels safe with you hun. you do need to speak to mum or dad about this though, you do need some 'you' time away from your brothers and sisters, just to relax and be free. Can mum or dad not take him out so you just have some peaceful time at home, or have your friends round. He is a lucky boy to have such a lovely sister like you, you are a lovely person xx