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Re: Creating the healthiest diet for lazy people...

<I think> the healthiest diet 1/2 your veggies should be lightly cooked, like broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, mushrooms, etc and the other 1/2 should be raw (salad foods). Steaming them is a quick and easy way to prepare them. Or lightly stir fry (but don't fry then in oil like fried food, use mostly water).

In fall and winter the most nutritious and satisfying way to cook is soup and stews! 'Lazy' after you make a big pot, then heat up leftover for several days.

In spring and summer, the best foods are salad and lightly cooked foods. Eating only salads would not be satisfying to me. And there is something nourishing about preparing fresh veggies to cook- it's a special time that brings family together- I'm talking about the preparing, chopping veggies, etc. Learn which veggies need to be cooked- like mushrooms (has amazing health benefits), spinach, etc. Once chopped, veggies take only minutes to cook lightly, 6-10 minutes. Even steaming. Healthy ways to cook veggies:

Stovetop Searing
Healthy Stir-Fry
Healthy Saute
Quick Broil

So don't skip out on cooking- I'm talking quick and easy cooking- chopping veggies, then 6-10 minutes cooking one of above methods. Then enjoying the meal, and the time taken to make it was worth it, because you made the most nourishing meal.

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