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WBCs progressively declining over several years?

For several years I've been experiencing fatigue and have been through numerous doctors to try to sort out the cause. For this reason I've had blood tests at regular intervals.

One trend I've noticed is that my lymphocyte count gets lower each time. My current doctor is not concerned yet, as I'm still technically still within the "normal" range. However, I am worried about what might be causing this decline.

Normal range 1.5-4.3

Aug 2003 (base) 3.3
Oct 2009 2.4
July 2011 1.8
Sep 2011 1.8
Dec 2011 1.7

Neutrophils are also declining

Normal range 1.8-7.8

Aug 2003 (base) 3.9
Oct 2009 3.6
July 2011 3.5
Sep 2011 3.1
Dec 2011 2.8

Total white blood cells have therefore declined from 8.5, 6.8, 6.1, 6.0, 5.6, 5.5.

I have not been "sick" with anything like a flu or cold during this time.

Any ideas?

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