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Re: Please Take A Stab At This!

Bartonse - That is a good idea, I see my doctor in a month or so and I will ask for results of all my tests.

So here is another line of thought I've been playing with: I remember when I first started hanging out with my now-husband (as platonic friends) for about 6 months when we first met that he had digestive troubles (D/C issues every week or two weeks) more than anyone I've ever known. However, he considered it normal since he's always had the issues and claimed that he was more normal than I, who at that point had a digestion system of steel.

I never actually became ill with all my weird symptoms until after he and I became intimate.... I've often joked that he gave me my sickness, to tease him, but now I'm wondering if there's possibly some truth to that? I've noticed the past few months that his eyes look jaundiced and dull, and his stomach problems have become more frequent and upsetting to him lately. He was also not allowed to donate blood the last time he tried, about ten years ago and was never told why. So of course I'm curious now if there's some hepatitis or other virus at play, and I'm worried. He will not go to the doctor for himself, since he considers his issues normal and has had them since early childhood.

Other things I've considered are parasites of some sort, but that of course seems silly and doctors get annoyed if I suggest it.

I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but my stools have been light brown, light orange, and now mainly light yellow for the past couple years. The past month my urine has looked oily consistently. Sigh. Does this sound like a liver or pancreatic issue, possibly? Anyone?

I love input, so please shout out any idea that comes to mind and I will relish it.

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