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Re: Hair Loss

I too am distressed about my hair loss. I am taking silicea for about 4 months now. not sure if it's helping ( maybe a bit) I also take a B12 and complex B as well as Zinc(I just started that-supposedly it helps your hair too.) Hair is still coming out but not as fast.My hair is not the same, it is lifeless and listless and it has no body left. I used to have a thick head of hair and pray everyday that it will grow back. I almost cry everytime I wash it. I see a naturopath but he never recommended Biotin, he treats me with his own homeopathic remedies that he makes up. I now have a problem with Xerostemia and just got some ointment form him to hopefully help with that. If anybody out there has a remedy , please let me know. Any other suggestions would be helpful. thanks so much

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