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Re: Should I repeat a bioposy?

Since you already know that at least one of the sameples has cancer you know that you have a set of decisions to make - and a lot of information to collect. My Gleason score was 7 and I had CA detected in only 1 of the samples and it was 10% of that sample. I decided on robotic surgery after a lot of discussions with family, friends, and doctors.

Someone above suggested a re-test with another doctor. You might want to look into options for what you might do (in your area) and then go to that medical facility for the second biopsy. You can talk to the specialists there (radiology, surgeons, etc.) to understand your options and then they can recommed if you will need the second biopsy.

As for left, base, etc - I am pretty sure they took 6 samples from each side of the prostate (left/right) and they shoot for top - middle - bottom. I am not sure, but I do not think it makes a difference where the CA is as the prostate is extremely small (size of a walnut) and the samples are taken "blind". I believe the type of surgery they do and what they can "save" has more to do with how bad the CA is. That is what they can tell from a better biospy.

As I said above, there is a lot to process and many options. My guess is there are more options than I had 3 years ago when I had robotic surgery. I consider myself very lucky (and I also had a great surgeon) in that I have recovered and have no lingering problems. Not sure where you live - but if it is a place where you have a choice of hospitals and doctors - take the time to do the research.

One more thing - in my case I had to redo my biopsy as the first one came back negative for CA but positive for HI GRADE PIN (another indicator for CA). They want to wait a couple of months before they do the biopsy again to let things heal. I was also told that I had to wait 3-4 months before my surgery - after the second biopsy (which did show CA).

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