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Oral with sore throat besides all symptoms

exactly a month ago, i came down on a man it was brief and his penis was not hard, he had pre-*** and he did not ejaculate in my mouth, the big problem is i had sore throat at the time and i had brushed my teeth before meeting him by couple of hours only, that person insisted that he is negative, and there is nothing to worry about.

BUT, now and since a week ago, i have been experiencing, rash in my face ( couple of pimples in my forehead) and others in legs and arms, Itchy skin in random places in my body, my chest and back and neck skin pinching and burning sometimes and itchy some other times, Also a sore thraot that im worried that it may get harder, and (painful) lymph nodes, started with my right arm-bid, then my left and now allover, my Liver has been aching too which is weird, it feels like as if i ran a very long distance i get that liver pain, i have it now continuously.
I'm extremely worried and i haven't been able to sleep for almost a week only like 3 hours everyday and I'm really exhausted,

please, please tell me what is my chance of getting HIV from the above possible exposure? and how these symptoms likely or dislikely to be HIV related symptoms?

please i will not sleep until i receive an answer,
Thank you very much

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