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Re: Am i overreacting????

You are not overreacting; it definitely has nothing to do with the dog. Has he always treated you this way or just recently?

If he has always treated you like this you should leave. If he has only treated you this way recently then I think there is some unresolved problems in your relationship that he has not expressed to you, so his anger and frustration maybe coming out through his actions. My mate has done this to me. When my mate was unhappy and felt like I was not meeting his needs or he needed more from me, instead of expressing these things to me, he turned into a complete jerk. He told me if he had told me how he really felt, I probably would have never spoke to him again or left him so, instead he bottled everything up inside, to spare my feelings.

However, he was still hurting me because everything he bottled up inside was coming out through his face expressions, and his attitude toward me, he became nasty and numb, he would get ticked off at the slightest thing. He even began to refer to women as B’s, and say things that he would never say before. I told him that I did not like his attitude and why he was talking like that, but at the time he did not care.

I told him it was only a matter of time before he starts to talk to me like that because he was getting ticked off at people for the slightest things and would say nasty things about them. Then I told him when I am mad at him I never curse him out, yeah I be upset, but I never mumbled nasty things under my breath or thought of cursing him out , I loved and respected him too much to do that. Then he said we are different, and that’s when I knew he was losing his respect for me because that was evidence that he was either mumbling nasty things about me or thinking them but would not say them out loud.

Although we have moved passed this, I still look back and say to myself and I even told him, that he hurt me tens times worst then I ever hurt him and, that he made our problems worst then what they was because he caused more damage to our relationship.

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