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Why don't even gastroenterologists know the cause?

I truly feel like I'm going out of my mind. I've never had any health issues my whole life. In fact, I've always been pretty fit and had a normal BMI. I'm vegetarian, eating tons of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables plus drink white tea (which I thought was scientifically proven to promote health).

I'm 50 and suddenly a few months ago I starting waking up at night with a very distinct and weird taste in my mouth. I didn't know what the hell it was so just assumed it must have been from eating garlic or something. Then I went to get my teeth cleaned and one tooth was SUPER sensitive and hurt like hell. The dentist said to stop drinking so much juice. But I wasn't drinking hardly any juice, and no alcohol, so I didn't know what the hell he was talking about.

Sorry to drone on so much, but I am so frustrated, angry, enraged, and depressed about this! To cut to the chase, I finally added it all together and realized I had acid reflux. At that time, it was just the symptoms at night and no heartburn. But now all the symptoms have gotten 10X worse and my mouth is constantly filling with acid, even if I sleep elevated (I still don't understand how the acid so easily goes against gravity).

I was trying to train for a new job during all this, so I don't have any health insurance. I finally went to a gastroenterologist and had to pay several THOUSAND dollars for an endoscopy (he recommended getting a colonoscopy at the same time) and he prescribed emeprazole. When I tried to find out the cause, he said "We don't know". This is making me go crazy.

How can all these so-called 'experts' not know? I have heartburn all the time now and find no joy in eating at all and even drinking water is uncomfortable. Whenever I saw heartburn commercials on tv, I always thought it was for huge obese people eating entire pizzas and tons of junk food. Boy was I wrong. I eat a super healthy diet and yet I feel like my whole insides are painfully dissolving away, as well as my tooth enamel now permanently destroyed.

I have tried to research about the LES, but again it seems like even the 'experts' see it as a mystery. Can't they look at the thing during an endoscopy and physically SEE what is wrong with it and why it is opening? Isn't the LES the key to everything and not all this garbage about reducing acid with Prilosec, etc?

I'm sorry to rant, but this whole ordeal has basically ruined my life. It came out of nowhere and that is what is most frustrating. If I developed lung cancer from smoking, at least I would know what was up. If I had a heart attack from eating too much fried foods, it wouldn't be a surprise. Yet 6 months ago, I had never even heard of acid reflux or GERD. And now it is all I think about 24/7. Yesterday I read about apple cider vinegar, that licorice stuff, glutamine, and aloe vera juice and bought them all at the vitamin store. I'm rotating through all of it all day long, but so far nothing seems to be working (of course I'm only on the second day, lol).

Anyways, thanks for letting me rant. The one positive part of my day was discovering the discussion forum so at least I know there are other people out there going through the exact same torture. Tomorrow I see the gastroenterologist again and shell out another $200!

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