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Re: Why don't even gastroenterologists know the cause?

When you had your endoscopy did they take any biopsies to check for H Pylori? I had all the same symptoms, including a destroyed tooth. A biopsy from the endoscopy showed H Pylori and because of reflux it travelled all the way up to my mouth and did some cell damage in my esophagus. I took a triple antibiotic treatment for 2 weeks and was able to get rid of it. I was prescribed Nexium and 7 years later I still need it on occasion. I've had several endoscopies since then, mostly to make sure the cell damage was not causing any problems. Now I only need one every 3 years. I've learned what foods trigger the reflux so I stay away from them. I've tried several acid blocking medications, and the only one that works for me is Nexium.

I have heard of biopsies that come up negative, but it's because the gastro didn't get the tissue that was infected. There are several articles on H. Pylori on the internet. You should read them. It is a very common condition, but most people don't know they have it. It doesn't cause problems with everybody.

Good luck!
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