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23, high systolic blood pressure, rapid heart rate, anxiety

Im a 23 year old currently suffering from High Blood pressure. I know that many times hypertension is essential, but I strongly believe that mine is caused by some sort of issue whether it be Cortisol or Thyroid related.

I went from being about 20 years old with perfect blood pressure 120/70 to 21 and getting readings anywhere from 145/80 to 180/100! Ive also recently in the last two years developed tremors in my hands "mild", as well as severe anxiety and a very rapid heart rate. Ive tried several different BP medications with little to no effect, although now I am taking a diuretic and my bp usually doesn't rise about 150.

I also suffer from flushing, as well as 3-4 minute runs randomly of an extremely hard and rapid heart rate. Ive gotten 3 echocardiograms "Clear" as well as 4 EKG's "Clear". My blood is very good however the only thing I have noticed that is a little off is my sodium level is very very high "almost over normal limits" and my potassium level is 3.7 < probably due to diuretic.

Ive had the basic thyroid test at my doctors office just to check for thyroid hormone and it was normal, however I have heard this can often be false? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Is bioidentical hormone testing a form of endocrinology?

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