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Re: My Hell

Hi David. My Stroke was a year ago and they did the MRI a couple of days after the ct scan all while I was in the hospital. When I was ist having trouble I went to my doctor and he admitted me into the Hospital. I was lucky enough to walk away with only a few minor issues. At ist I was having trouble speaking, writing, overall hard getting around. Now I just have kind of a permanent light headed feeling, some coordination issues, harder time remembering things and such. But nothing real big. Most of it came back really quick - within a couple of days and I was released from the Hospital after 5 days. I have learned to live with all the remaining issues and do not think about it too often. Only real thing left is the blood thinner that I am on called Coumadin requires regular checks and is kind of scary in itself due to the bleeding risks. I was diagnosed with a rare genetic blood condition in which I do not break down blood clots very well.

In my case the physical exams showed that something was wrong - the usual stroke type signs were there - but the ct-scan and the initial blood test all came back good. It was not until an MRI was done and a Hematologist did a more detailed blood analysis did they find things wrong. Turns out that ct-scans will not pickup brain stem strokes like I had.

There was no real treatment plan. I was released from the Hospital after 5 days and returned to work after 3 weeks. They wanted me to go to physical therapy but after 1 session I decided that I did not really need it.

Main thing is getting diagnosed properly - then you can get on with your life. Getting rid of the unknown I believe is going to relieve a lot of stress and give you the peace of mind to get better.

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