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Re: L4 l5 Fusion 7 weeks P/O and depressed

Hi there! I had PLIF at L5/S1 a little over a year ago. I did my homework and read a ton of stuff before my surgery. I kept reading people say it took them 8 months to a year before they really felt back to normal. I laughed and thought that seemed pretty excessive.

Well, since having my surgery, I have to agree with them. Here is how my recovery went. I went into surgery straight from PT so I was in pretty good shape before surgery and it still took time to recover.

Here is my comparrison between back surgery and a regular surgery. For me, a week of back surgery is like a day of regular surgery. A month of back surgery recovery is like a week of regular surgery. So a back surgery recovery of 6 to 8 months compares to 6 to 8 weeks of regular surgery recovery.

So for me, I had a c-section and by 6 to 8 weeks I was feeling pretty good and almost all the muscle pain and surgery pain was gone. Well, back surgery was different. The surgery pain on the bones lasted about 3 months which is pretty normal. My muscle pains and issues didn't resolve until 8 months. It was funny, I woke up one day and my back muscles felt good.

I know it is hard but you need to be patient. One day I would feel great and then the next two I would feel awful. Then, again, I would feel good and the next day feel yucky. It does get better.

Best of luck and good luck with your recovery.

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