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Re: Coblation Turbinate Reduction


I hope you are still active and responding.

I have been coping with severe allergies and blocked nasal passages for years now. After trying numerous alternatives to help quell my symptoms such as:

OTC meds like Claritin-D, Zyrtec, Flonase, Nasex and Rhinocort
Routine using a neti-pot as well as Vicks menthol inhalation

but nothing as given me relief and allowed me to breath normally.

One ENT advised a turbinate reduction using either a somnoplasty or coblation. Seeking a second opinion, another ENT immediately went the route of a septoplasty.

Returning to the original ENT, he did indicate that my septum was mildly deviated, however this statement only came when when I asked about my septum and a possible septoplasty. He intimated that although fixing my slight deviation would fix my nasal blockage more permanently since, I assume, he could also reduce my inferior turbinates during the procedure, he was more inclined to shrink the turbinates as they were the main culprits to my blockage. There are couple different options to execute this procedure - in-office, local anaesthetics, out-of-pocket payment vs. hospital, general anaesthesia, insurance partial coverage. Either way, the results are said to be the same with minimal recovery time.

I have recently returned from an ENT appointment from the more conservative doctor. He sprayed some medicine inside my nose to shrink the inferior turbinates. If this is what breathing normally is supposed to feel like, I have been in serious discomfort. I have never been able to breath so freely and effortlessly. Both nasal passages are patent and breathing seems so easy.

I am bothered by the fact that second doctor immediately optioned to have an invasive procedure. I did ask him about other options such as radio frequency reduction and the doctor admitted that he was less confident with the technique and more comfortable with his hands in the surgery route.

I am tempted to go the coblation route though there are horror stories all over the place. I haven't read anything more positive about somnoplasty in forums. One journal article I read showed that patients who went with microdebridement have significant more satisfaction to their quality of life than those who opted for radiofrequency reduction.

Anyhow, I would love to know how you are doing three years out of surgery. If you can offer any advice or options, I'd be most welcome to your opinion.

Thank you and hope things are going well!