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Lexapro vs Sertraline

I'm currently in a bad situation. I had anxiety with panic attacks, got it under control with Lexapro and eventually weaned off of it and felt great for a while. I had a bad episode with caffeine, and the anxiety and panic attacks came back stronger than ever.

My doctor prescribed me Lexapro again, which gave me a lot of comfort by just the thought of it. In the beginning, my symptoms subsided, but things began to plateau and I wondered if it had ever begun to help at all. I've been suffering from some kind of hyperactive sympathetic nervous system, keeping my body in an emergency mode, which raises my heart rate, burns through all my energy, leaves me sleepy, and makes me feel fearful.

Things came to head one evening when I had a really bad panic attack. I felt like I had my back up against a wall and nobody was taking my seriously. I visited the ER and they gave me some Xanax. I contacted my doctor and he also provided Xanax. He seems to think I should use it sparingly, but I can't seem to get through the day without it. Whenever it wears off, the emergency mode kicks back in and the fear comes back.

I talk with my doc tomorrow, and I really need to make the most of this meeting. What I want is Xanax XR or IR at all times, until we can find a solution that can take its place. Is this asking for too much? So far it's been three weeks since I've begun the Lexapro, and I feel no different than when it began. The Xanax helps mask its uselessness. I've begun researching other drugs, and I ran across one called Sertraline on *********. I know that I shouldn't trust everything I read on a Wiki, but it promises a lot of relief for people suffering from anxiety and panic disorders.

So my question is, should I wait for the Lexapro to kick in, or is there anybody who can provide some insight into Sertraline? Is it worth it? Can anybody provide some insight into Xanax? Right now I have IR, and I feel like I'm on a roller coaster ride. I'm a bigger person, and I can feel it kick in and out. One of the first things I feel when it wears off is the nervous need to use the bathroom.

Thanks for reading, and providing any help.

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