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Re: Has it only been 2 months

Hi Judy - Glad you posted with how you're doing. It's alot you've been going through, that's for sure. I relate as it's been 3 months for me since losing my stepdad, and now we've got my mom's house (which was their house for nearly 40 years) on the market. I'm also working on getting my house on the market. It's alot of work, it's alot of change, it's alot of.......adjustment.

In all the moves since my stepdad was diagnosed in 2009, quite a bit of their things have ended up at my house. I'm getting ready to have a garage sale this weekend, and I keep running across their stuff It's all enough to make my head spin at times.

You my dear have a bigger task at hand. You're moving into your mom's house. It's very admirable what you are doing and that you will be taking care of your dad now. Bless your heart. I like what Deb said about keeping those things around pre-dementia of our parents. That's what I'm doing as well. When my sister and I cleaned out my stepdad's room at the adult family home, I took all of "those clothes" to my church the next day for their food / clothing bank. I didn't want any of that clothing hanging around from when he was ill. However, two of my most prized possessions are two very old sweatshirts of my stepdad's that he wore in his younger years when he was working around the house, painting the house, etc. Those make me smile and those I'm hanging onto

Please know I'm thinking of you so very much! Let us know how you're doing when you are able. I just want to tell you: you are brave, you are kind, and you are loved!!!

Love your sister from dementiaville - Jan

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