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Re: So Confused! Test results...

Again thanks for your reply. I was very surprised that if there are other tests that can help differentiate between SLE and DILE that the doctor didn't order them the first time. He KNEW I was taking the meds. I honestly think that he didn't expect my results to come back elevated considering the very short amount of time I had been taking it. On the first appointment I had the feeling he thought like every doc i had ever seen. They all seem to think I am a hypochondriac. Since I don't have hardly and physical symptoms, they think it is all in my head. When my results came back positive, he at least seemed more willing to listen. I had never thought about it, but when you mentioned sulfa drugs, it reminded me of something. There is mention in my childhood records of me having several "reactions" to sulfa antibiotics when I was very little (1-2). They never believed I had a sulfa allergy though. And although I don't have a malar rash (and never have) I have in the last 5 years developed cysitc acne all over my body (sort of like boils). I also avoid the sun, not because of it causing rash, but because I burn VERY quickly or get headaches or sick from being in it. I suffered from migraines (light sensitive, sounds, vomiting kind) until my early 20's. Not to mention that I had chronic strep (3-4 times a year) until I had my tonsil removed in 2010 as well as chronic URI or sinus infections. I think there has to be a reason that I was always getting sick and more prone to getting all those illnesses. If it isn't SLE, that is fine. I just want to know one way or another and all the waiting to find answers is stressful. I stopped the minocycline 3 days ago, and so far my symptoms are still the same as always. LOL. sorry. It is just nice to have people who understand the frustration of being chronically in pain or ill and not think I am completely crazy.