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Re: Please help, so scared.

Originally Posted by Blue lans View Post
Hi everyone,

I have had TMJD for about 5 or 6 years now I am in the UK, I have seen specialists and they say it is muscular and not the actual joint, I have been given a hard mouth guard to wear 2 weeks ago. My main symptoms are ear problems. My ears feel blocked all the time with a faint ringing.

4 days ago my hearing went really funny, I couldn't hear bass properly, then the day after that the ringing turned into a loud roar. This morning when I awoke I can barely hear out of my right ear.

Last week I had a few really busy and stressful days, is it possible that I strained my jaw muscles somehow causing this flair up?

Does anyone know if this flair up will pass after some rest and return to where it was a few weeks ago?

I honestly cant live like this I am so scared and stressed, I hope it calms down. I have a follow up appointment in one month for my mouth guard but I hope it has calmed down a bit before then.
Hi I'm sorry your going through this , I know how it feels ! That was my first symptom tinnitus I was so scared as well ! But I hope I can reasure you that tmj tinnitus can be treated . There are a few posts that I have been reading by a lady on here called cymy sue google her and she had bad tinnitus and it slowly went away with splint thearpy ! Its awful but don't be scared it can be sorted . You could also try ginko bilbo or magnessium tablets which might calm your muscle spasms down , which will help tinnitus , let us know if it gets better. Sarah