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Re: Had a stroke on Christmas Day need help PLEASE

Hi Mulchie and All, How is everyone? I am doing well. I am still trying hard. I have now lost 42 pounds! My BP from two weeks ago was 125/54. It's almost 4 months since my stroke now, but I still have tingling in my arm and face etc. Still teaching and having fun with the my 3rd graders. In 2 weeks I go back to Boston for a recheck on everything and to talk with the neurologist. I am starting a list of questions to ask. I seem to be cold all the time now and very tired in the afternoons. Could be meds I guess. I am still longing for a doctor or someone with more knowledge than me, to tell me I am safe and I will not have another stroke. What can I say? I can hope for someone to say it! Anyway, How is everyone? I hope you are all well and improving. You are all such wonderful people.