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Re: Dad addicted to Nyquil

I'm sorry Jonnstar but you are wrong. People can get very addicted to Nyquil, just the same as a person can become addicted to drinking alcohol. My older brother was a recovering alcoholic for 4 months when he got a cold, took nyquil, decided he liked the feeling and hasn't stopped. He's been drinking it constantly for 4 months. He acts abnormal. Normal enough to know he's not drinking full blown alcohol again, but strange enough to know that he's definitely on something.

He's gaining tons of weight, won't listen to anybody about the effects it's having on his body. I know what you mean about the anger thing. I know it has to do with the Nyquil because he's normally a very nice person. Recently he's hard to live with. My advice to you. Tell your dad the effects drinking so much Nyquil can have on him. Tell him how it can severly destroy his liver, and how it's peeling years off his life. I say things to my brother, but he is so mean and angry now to the point that I never talk to him anymore and I keep my distance. That might sound bad, but he only has mean crap to say to me. At least in the end, no matter what happens you will know that you did everything you could. Your dad and my brother are both grown men, we can't force them to do anything. They have to make their own decisions.