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chemical sensitivity and trigeminal neuralgia

Does anyone else who has developed chemical sensitivity also experienced trigeminal nerve damage? When I first developed chemical sensitivity, it started with extreme burning in the face, nose and eyes. Once the burning eases up, my eye sockets will feel bruised for days afterwards. Chemicals do not have to smell to be present but I know that my reactions are starting when the burning starts in and I know to get away from the area immediately because the longer I stay around, my reactions will progress and pain will move into my chest and rib cage causing internal pain that can last for a couple of days to a week, depending on the exposure. I have been to EI specialists and not a one has mentioned the possibility of trigeminal neuralgia and I just happened on to an article that explains that chemical irritation can cause this condition, and the symptoms you experience. I have very minimal pain in the mandibular nerve but alot of pain in the areas of the ophthalmic nerve and the maxillary nerve. Any type of fragranced product I am exposed to will initiate the burning and my nasal passages will start sweling and close up trying to protect itself from the exposure. Has anyone found a type of treatment that will help?

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