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Cool Re: Problems after Gastic Bypass Roux-En-Y?

My first piece of advice for anyone who asks me about my RNY I had in 2003 has always been, it's STOMACH surgery, NOT BRAIN surgery. If you are a food addict and don't address that issue first, eventually that addiction will have to be filled by the void that food used to fill. I was not informed thoroughly about future complications and am now suffering from severe anemia, I was just released from the hospital a few days ago, where I was in ICU for a week to get my hgb level back up from the lowest they had ever seen in anyone actually able to walk around and function on a daily basis. It was 2.2. Yes, 2.2, a level so critical that I had 6 units of blood transfused to me along with 6 b-12 shots, 12 iron infusions and a potassium drip the whole week I was there bc it was almost depleted and when I was released, my hgb had only risen to a 6.0. I don't feel much different, but I do look as though I've been in the tanning bed bc I actually have color to my skin instead of the pasty white ghostly transparent skin I had become accustomed to.