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Re: Chronic Motor Tics Magnesium Treatment?

Yes, actually it has! He has significantly improved. I would say 80% to 90% improvement. His arm still moves randomly sometimes and some minor facial tics but beyond that, the other symptoms have minimized significantly to the point that we don't even see them always. The squating down is gone, too. However, the OCD is still there but I dont mind if he always has to touch his cup with both sides of his fork at biggie... Now...with that, we have also introduced a few magnesium rich foods into his diet as well. He eats Cracklin Oat Bran cereal and pumpkin seeds regularly. We tried the Silk milk but he wouldn't have it so some is better than none. Also, he has to get a good night sleep each night or he has a "bad" day with everything thrown at him at once - as if he wasn't improved at all. Lastly, when he gets extremely nervous his tics in the face & arms come back as well. It is a fine line he balances with the symptoms but if he stays focused, eats the right foods and gets sleep, he functions quite well. Thanks for asking!

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