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sensory loss etc after L5-S1 micrdisectomy

OK this may be personal problem with others as well or all just in my mind. I had a microdesection of L5 - S1. The surgeon and neurosurgeon both asked had happened 6 mths before and we mentioned a minorbaccident when the car in front of us spun on the wet road and knocked into a la post which fell on our car. I was front seat psssenget leaning forward to put the road map down as I knew we would pull over and help. Anyhow apparently the force of the pole hitting the car was enough to cause me 2_3 herniations. The worst wasl5 to s1 because it compressed into the spinal cord canal and as over the months was hardening it ad starting to cut I to the cord. I had hardly antpy back pain but heaps of acute scistica.
Anyhow the op was Feb 13 and it is now April 14. When I need to go to the loo no matter hoe full my bladder is I have to force the muscles around it to start peeing. Also I no longer have any pleasure sensations or orgasm during sex when I used to every time. I am just wondering if others have had this happen, is it permanent....I just want to to be back to pain froo me. Ia have norspan 10 mg patch and Aldo 75 mg lyrics twice a day, Valium 2- 3 times a day and oxepam. Having two very active boys doesn' help. Our 7 yr old is on ritalin and our just turned 3 boy is normal active. I think that's about it for now
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