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Re: I would like to think what I'm experiencing is OCD..

I'm on here myself because I think I have OCD. And I have read on here (where are all those posts now?) about people going through the same thing as you. I saw posts on here - years ago now - where women who were breastfeeding had horrible panic attacks and they seemed lucky in one respect - they had understanding partners, husbands etc. I used to have the same kind of thoghts and had to try really hard get get my head on straight - it took me 3 years before I could function normally. I agoraphobia, panic attacks, etc. Now they are back. And I live alone which makes it worse. I find myself isolating myself - I'm even afraid to take a bath now which back then I didn't seem to have that problem. From what I've read on here it sounds like OCD. But I can tell you one thing YOU ARE NOT ALONE!