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Re: 1 week PTTD post-op Calcaneal Osteotomy, Evan's Procedure, & PT tendon reconstruc

Hello Planemark,

Thanks so much for your reply. I feel very lucky to be having a fairly good recovery so far. Sometimes I need lots of medication and other days not. Today is a good day so far. I look forward to thinking in terms of weeks rather than days. So far I'm just one and a half weeks out now and just watching time tick by. The rash i'm having from the Oxycodone is pretty itchy all the time but an itch is better than pain from the surgery site. I have hopes that I can get off of it soon as I feel so loopy after i take it. It gives me hope knowing that in another three or so weeks I might only need pain meds on a very minimal basis, so thank you for relating your story to me.

I did not anticipate that having my foot below my heart for more than one minute would cause a minor trauma to my foot for a half hour or longer, so I'm learning how to do my best with keeping it elevated ALL of the time. I will need to be patient with this element of the recovery as my occupation requires that I keep my feet below my heart for up to two hours at a time-I guess I'll have to find a way to adjust to this in a month or so.

In terms of your question about a knee walker, I have something very similar, a seated scooter. I have pain in my knees so a seated scooter is much better (imagine a knee scooter with a bicycle seat where you would normally put your knee). It is an invaluable tool.

So again, thank you very much your your reply and I wish you well in your recovery too.