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Re: Migraine and bad headache for a week. HELP!

Believe me, I hate going to the ER for migraines too, but when you are in pain, you need relief. And migraines never happen at convenient times. Go to the ER. I'm sure they will give you something for the pain and the nausea (phenergan and benadryl works better than zofran in my opinion.) Gently suggest what they think about IV solumedrol (steroids). 1 gram. Its not bad steroids (like body builders use.) Its to knock down the inflammation that is causing the week long migraine. It won't work right away; it will talk 6-8 hours to kick in, but my neurologist uses it for people who have really long migraines. It will likely prevent you having to go back to the ER with this same migraine. Also ask about IV DHE (also known as ergotamines.) Its a med used for people with chronic migraines that don't respond well to the typical stuff. Don't let the ER blow you off. Pain is real and a migraine shouldn't last a week. Make them treat your pain and treat you with respect!

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