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Re: High Blood Pressure control naturally!!

Interesting, I also do not take meds although doctors have tried to talk me into it (I have white coat hypertension) and I take Hawthorn tincture and tea plus COQ10. I had not thought about taking the Olive Leaf or the Reishi (which I know is a great immune booster). I also take Vit D 3,000IU daily and now my level is up to 50 which is great. Which forms of hawthorn do you use btw and how much of each supplement? We should all take good care of the body that God gave us, He did not create it to have a prescription drug deficiency. I am vegetarian, eat loads of raw fruits and veggies and walk daily thanks anneh
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I just want everyone to know that if your looking to reduce your blood pressure naturally there is a protocol that I use. I suffer from anxiety that allows my pressure to go up when I am very anxious. Especially when going to a doctor. The last time I went it was 160/90 which is not good. When I relax it goes back down to a normal level. The problem is you want to be less anxious so that your more relaxed and your pressure stays down consistently. I found several herbs that seem to accomplish this after doing extensive research. They are REISHI the mushroom of longevity, the second is Hawthorn beriies,leaves and flowers, the third is Olive leaf extract, and finally the fouth which is not a herb but very essential to keeping your pressure in check CQ10. I take daily three times a day Reishi extract,hawthorn, olive leaf extract, the CQ10 i take once a day with vitamin D3 4000iu which by the way is essential to keep your pressure in check. My pressure is now consistently in the 120/70 range which is excellent. Keep in mind that High Blood pressure is a serious issue and should monitor it daily or first consult with your doctor before starting any new regime.

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