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Re: 1 week PTTD post-op Calcaneal Osteotomy, Evan's Procedure, & PT tendon reconstruc

I had a fall off of my knee scooter and my surgery foot landed hard on the ground a couple weeks ago. Wouldn't you know that i would find a way to injure the only thing stickin out of my cast, my big toe. I went to see my OS and thankfully no damage to my surgery, just a stubbed toe. When i was there the nurse told me that recovery after this surgery is a roller coaster ride. Truer words could never have been said! We all will have good days and bad days for the next 6 months to a year, but we are in this for the long haul and are on the road to recovery.
Postibtend, you will probably get your stitches out and a new cast that should last for the next month. I would recommend asking if they can put foam over your incisions on both sides of your foot in order to make it more comfortable when your foot swells. The cast tech at my Dr did that for me along with lambs wool between my toes, and it made my cast much more comfortable and has helped in my recovery I believe. My surgeon is picky about our casts and I am so grateful. Just a suggestion if they didn't do that for you the first time,it doesn't hurt to ask. You don't want a cast that is too tight after all because the swelling has nowhere to go but press against the cast.

Surgery March 6, 2012: Calcanal Osteotomy, PTT repair, FDL tendon transfer on left foot.