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Kariva success stories?

So I started Kariva today as my first birth control ever. I started my period when I was 12 and since the very first one they have been unbearable. I cramp so badly I can't even get out of bed and the flow is so heavy I soak through even the biggest, most absorbent pads. This has been going on for nine years and I finally asked about a BCP to try to all the information I can find about Kariva is negative. I was wondering if anyone benefited from it for the problems that I'm having, and if the good outweighs the bad? I currently have a headache, which I've read is a troublesome side effect, but I'm choosing to believe it's because I haven't had caffeine.

Also, I'm worried about weight gain. I work very hard to stay in shape (I'm 5'4, about 115lbs) because everyone in my family is very obese and I don't want the health problems that I see them face. I've seen that Kariva has made people lose and gain I'm wondering what is more common?

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