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Re: Dentist unable to numb?

That's very interesting. I was recently diagnosed with lupus, but believe I've had it for about 13 years.

I've had 4 different dentists not able to numb my left rear quadrin, the last time three rounds of shots were given (15 shots total) and I never did numb, but was quite sore for several days! My dentist then looked something up & did what she called a Gow-Gates injection & it worked like a charm. I wouldn't know how or why this would be related to lupus; she said it was the tissue in my mouth in that area was thicker & thats why it wasn't working. She has done the Gow-Gates injection twice now, & it worked perfect the second time too.

Interesting to note, though - I never had a problem numbing before I think my lupus started!