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Re: Girlfriend of 4 years lied & cheated, wants me back

Had a long chat with her yesterday, lots of tears. She sounds suicidal and has even been to a doctor who says she is depressed. On top of that her parents think she needs to see a psychiatrist. She says it is all because she broke both our hearts and lost the man of her life who she loves more than anything. She sounds in bad shape and I hope she does not do anything stupid. I told her that I do not have the gut feeling to go back and until I feel it (if I ever do) I wont come back but she is holding on to all hope that I will (maybe I will but my heart is very cold at the moment). As much as I dont want to lead her on I just dont know what to do and I think I am becoming the selfish one now. I told her it would be wrong for me to go back just because she is crying and upset and that if I ever do come back it will be because I want to, otherwise it would not work. Seriously, if anyone is ever sorry for what they done, it is her. Anytime I say something to her that hints of coming back she sounds so happy. But, her parents even told her do not expect him to come back but if it makes you feel better for now think that he will. They said that if they were my parents they would be advising me not to and that she needs to learn to be satisfied with what she has rather than always wanting more, apparantly it has been that way her whole life. She is never satisfied with anything and nothing is good enough for her expectations. She said she wants to change that but at 29 and having seen it first hand for 4 years I doubt it.

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