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Re: Headache on impact?

With TMD the jaw is too far back in the fossa (the space it moves in) Located right behind this area is a large bunch of nerves and blood vessels. When the jaw is displaced and too far back the condyle will occationally move too far and hit this bunch of nerves and blood vessels. This can cause immediate and excruiating pain and even unconsiousness. The term "glass jaw" refers to this in that if you deliver a punch that pushes the condyle directly back, it hits the nerves and will knock you out.

Until you recapture the space you are in danger of doing serious damage and you will not be able to get away from this issue. The normal amount of space at the back of the condyle is 4 mm when you are at rest. This space is normal and most people can handle a hit or 2 to the jaw.

You may want to consider getting treatment. This will not go away but only get worse.