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Re: 23, high systolic blood pressure, rapid heart rate, anxiety

Originally Posted by dantescritic View Post
Im a 23 year old currently suffering from High Blood pressure. I know that many times hypertension is essential, but I strongly believe that mine is caused by some sort of issue whether it be Cortisol or Thyroid related.

I went from being about 20 years old with perfect blood pressure 120/70 to 21 and getting readings anywhere from 145/80 to 180/100! Ive also recently in the last two years developed tremors in my hands "mild", as well as severe anxiety and a very rapid heart rate. Ive tried several different BP medications with little to no effect, although now I am taking a diuretic and my bp usually doesn't rise about 150.

I also suffer from flushing, as well as 3-4 minute runs randomly of an extremely hard and rapid heart rate. Ive gotten 3 echocardiograms "Clear" as well as 4 EKG's "Clear". My blood is very good however the only thing I have noticed that is a little off is my sodium level is very very high "almost over normal limits" and my potassium level is 3.7 < probably due to diuretic.

Ive had the basic thyroid test at my doctors office just to check for thyroid hormone and it was normal, however I have heard this can often be false? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Is bioidentical hormone testing a form of endocrinology?
Well where do I start? I feel your pain Dude as I was there also. My symtoms started after several stressful situations. A neighbor harrassing me about our yard, Job stress and complaints, relatives sicknesses and passing, you know. Its bad when someone elses Dad passes but when yours does, its a major life event.
I had the shaking episodes and the heart beats racing like I was going to be sick and nausea too, bad nausea. I was starting to lose my witts at certain points as well. Everytime a episode started I was off to the hospital for four hours minimum. Thank God for my mom helping me out and taking me to hospital.
Have you had any major stresses in you life??

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