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Re: Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery in Miami or Phoenix

Hello all! Well, it appears as though I wasn't quite healed from the last hemorrhoid that I had removed on February 20. It is still a raw area however, it was a very large internal/external hemorrhoid at the 9 o'clock location. So, the doctor didn't want to do much but he did clean the edges up and removed the irritated skin tag I had at the 6 o'clock location. I do think this was giving me some issues. The first couple of days were a piece of cake and now I have some bad burning issues but only after going to the bathroom, normal. I still have a little bleeding. But, all and all I hope I am done with my behind at least until I am done having children. I still don't understand these doctors around here and I guess everywhere saying that laser isn't better or less painful but lucky for all of us we followed our gutts and took care of it. I feel for everyone especially those with small children at home that are in too much pain to deal with them after conventional surgery. I was skeptical but after having one large external and some internal done in AZ, then another very large internal/external in PA and finall a skin tag in PA I am a firm believer that the Colon & Rectal Society of the United States needs to look at the laser option again. I feel pretty good but I was told that I have a large skin tag at the 12 o'clock location that may give me some issues later on. HAVE LASER WILL TRAVEL! I hope everyone on these boards can get help from those of us who have posted about laser surgery. I have found many locations now even in PA, MI, NY, AZ, CA, FL, MS.......I am in Baltimore and I believe I may have even found a surgeon who uses the laser for external only in his office. I will check him out and let everyone know if it seems legit. Thanks to all and I am glad Josh is doing great!