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Apicoectomy - Healing - Scared

Here is a little background. I had trauma on a tooth many years ago I ended up have an apicoectomy and #9. Besides this, I've never had any dental issues. Fast forward 27 years.

I woke up the beginning of the year with tooth pain that seemed to be coming from #10. I went to my dentist and he seemed to think it was also coming from #10. I had a root canal (first one ever). It was so painful while he was doing it. I had pain for a number of days following the root canal and I also then developed a fissure on my gums.

I went back to the dentist and he said it was probably some "left over" bacteria and thought my body would reabsorb it. It did not go away, so I went back in and he took another xray and thought maybe it was coming from #9. He referred me to an endodontist.

I went and saw the endodontis and he said there was multiple issues going on. The root canal at #10 had to be redone and he had to take the old filling out of #9 with another apicoectomy. There was also bone loss at #10 and some at #9. He does not know if #9 affected #10 or vise versa.

I had the root canal on #10 redone and a week later had the apicoectomy on #10, this has now been 2 weeks. When he was in he said he also scraped the bone to try and get it to regenerate. Here is where my anxiety continues. My gums are still swollen and red. My teeth feel almost "numb" like and that there is pressure. My #8 is hurting now (I don't know if this is my imagination). My upper lip feels weird against the gum and it doesn't feel right when I smile or pucker my lips.

I went in at 10 days for a follow up and he said everything was healing fine and looked good. That night I had a fissure filled with puss (I hate that word). I poked it and let it drain. I called the doctor on Monday and he said not to worry about it.

I'm afraid that I don't feel "normal" yet. I'm afraid they are going to have to pull the teeth (and 9 and 10 are one of your front teeth and the one next to it).

Any input would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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