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Re: Arthroereisis in 9 years old kid?

I have not personally had the procedure yet, but am looking into it for myself. I experience a lot of pain because my feet are misaligned, especially when I run. I know 2 fellow athletes, and my friend's child who was 11 that had this done. They are all very pleased with the results and no longer feel any pain.

I think it also depends on the implant that they use. There are a lot out there so I have had to do a lot of research. I know the 11 year old had a hyprocure implant put in and was walking normally 2 weeks after the surgery. She no longer has pain when she walks or stands for a long time.

After looking into the procedure for myself I have an appointment to go see a surgeon who specializes in the hyprocure implant. They have the most research out there with good results and lower removal rates. I heard that some insurances do cover it as well. It just depends on your carrier and your surgeon.

I hope this helps and I am looking forward to finding out more after I meet with the doctor. If this can help that would be amazing.