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Unhappy kidney stones,not moving!

well ive been peeing visible blood for 3 months now,its taken all this to have numerous scans etc,i have a large left kidney with numerous kidney stones,i dont have any symptons other than blood,im still waiting to see my urologist as to whats going to happen as i guess they are not moving on there own,my prob is i am flying to spain for my henweekend in 3 weeks and they want to put a stent in,i have read that these are uncomfortable and painful,i dont want to spend 4 days in agony,ive been left for months i dont see why its now urgent for me to have a stent,and ruin my weekend,do they sometimes put them in to drain and then remove them after a few days?
i wonder if i should say no,and just hope all is ok while im away,i have more than adequate insurance,does anyone have anything positive to say about stents?

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