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Re: after treatment for neck and throat cancer what side effects will I have

Originally Posted by nonnie8 View Post
my husband who is 71 had stage 4 neck and throat cancer, primary tumor was in back of his tongue. At this time he is cancer free after 33 radiation treatments and 8 chemo treatments. It has been 3 months since his last treatment. At this point he has absolutely no energy, even though he is taking vitimins. I still feed him thru a G tube, he says that he has a very hard time swallowing, feels like something is in his throat, plus he has a lot of mucas that he has a hard time getting up. He is very miserable. Even though the doctors state he is cancer free. Are these normal side effects?
I would like you to know I too finished base of tongue throat cancer treatments exactly 3 months ago (end of January 2012). I had radiation and "Erbitux" treatments. I go for my PET scan in a few weeks to dertermine if I am cancer free. Visually they say all looks good. Mine was stage III and I had one lymph node involved.

When I read you post all I coud do is yell "That's Me!!". I have swelling, I have so much mucus. Until just recently I had no energy and I was / am so frustrated. I am 48 years old by the way. I have always been healthy and I do not smoke or drink. My cancer was HPV related. I want you to know your husband will get better, just last week I took a sudden turn for the better. The mucus is not as bad and the pain is much less, but the swelling (and I gag a lot) is still there. I still have my tube and I drink 6 ensure a day and eat what and when I can. My mouth is dry and sticky most of the time (I sip water constantly just to keep my mouth moist) but I am fortunate that I can now taste my food. Tell your husband to hang in there. It is absolutely one of the hardest treatments / aftermath to go through. I have never been a sick person, never a broken bone or even a cavity! My prayers are that your husband will soon turn the same corner I did. Bless you. I'm thankful for your post (I hope that is okay to say) because I was getting so discouraged and feeling like this misery would never end. - Tim / Idaho