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Re: Apicoectomy - Healing - Scared

I think you might have to give it a little bit more time to heal. An apicoectomy is serious business. They cut into the bone and it takes time for it to heal. As a side note, I had an apicoectomy done 15 or so years ago, and still get puss pockets from time to time. They drain painlessly and a few more years will go by before I get another. Your teeth feeling numb, unless I'm misunderstanding what you mean, are supposed to. The tooth is now dead and it shouldn't have any feeling in it at all. In fact, the dentist should have put a vibration device on it during the course of your therapy to be sure the tooth was dead and you felt NOTHING before completing the job. This device that they use is designed not to vibrate the teeth next to it so they can verify that you're not feeling the vibration in the nerves belonging to the teeth next to it. If you tap on it, and you feel something, it's not that tooth, it's the nerves running next to that tooth responding. If it feels weird against your lips, it's because, in the course of the root canal which an apicoectomy is, just from the bottom up, the position of the tooth changed. That's normal and should in most cases be expected. You have to consider the angle the dentist is working at to accomplish this upsidedown root canal. I have only in the last 3 years NOT had any pressure in my apicoectomy site. It was irritating to say the least, that for so many years I still had such discomfort in those teeth(Two of them were done). The only other thing I think maybe your dentist could consider is another round of antibiotics, maybe a stronger one. There is severe misconception about root canals of any kind, that they will "Cure" the infection and you will never have discomfort or pain or any other kind of problem with that tooth/teeth ever again. Soooo not true. A root canal or apicoectomy is to remove the infection and "save" the tooth which is in it'self a misnomer because once it's done, the tooth is dead. But what they mean is to keep the original tooth in your mouth since once dead it would fall out otherwise. It's not to get rid of pain or discomfort. Expect Years of discomfort. Years. If it doesn't take years before you have comfort in those teeth again, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. But for now, do give it more time to heal before you decide that something isn't right.