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Question Re: Well! I guess my "crunchy neck" is something - but what??

Here's my update:

Just went to PT for what we thought was the primary issue (shoulder/rotator cuff)...

Therapist took a look at my report and suggested I definitely make a follow up appointment with my primary to discuss. He said more than likely the arm issues are actually a result of the neck findings, but PT could still help alleviate symptoms in the arm.

In the meantime, I've scheduled follow up with primary for Monday. Should I be asking for referral to Orthopedic Spine Surgeon at this point? Or do I ask for MRI to look more closely at my situation? Would either of these ideas be an overreaction based on the x-ray findings?

PT so far has caused some symptoms of numbness down right arm to thumb, which subsides after a while. Definitely weaker in right arm than left. Ideas?

By the way - thanks for the feedback so far! Will give update after Monday's appointment.