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Re: Difficulty/Restricted Breathing

I had my first panic attack ever about 4 weeks ago (I am 36y.o.). The symptoms were significant shortness of breath, and panic along with it (I assumed because I could not breath well at all). It was bad enough for an ambulance ride to the ER. I have mild asthma too, but albuterol did not help at all, and after a breath test and more of these attacks and another ER visit, the doctor tried Xanax and it worked. So it was anxiety and not asthma all along. It's weird that it would suddenly happen out of nowhere after 36years of nothing like this. The one thing to note, I had started taking Omeprazole (it helps my asthma ironically) about 1 week before my first anxiety, dyspnea attack, and I noticed a pattern, I would have these attacks usually around 14hours give or take a couple hours of taking my Omeprazole. Since I typically took my Omep in the AM, I was having my attacks at night. This happened 3 times I know of for sure, out of 4 significant attacks (I couldn't remember when I took Omep that time).
I'm off Omep now, but the anxiety attacks still persist in a milder way and at different times of the day, but I have read other people say they took a good month to get better. Your case might be different if you were having anxiety episodes before taking Omep, but at least it might explain the timing. To be fair, I don't know if it was the Omep, because I have taken it in the past without this effect.

Good luck. I'm still trying to get to the bottom of this, and to get better.

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