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Re: Trich (Hair pulling), hair cutting, depression & OCD

I chronically twist my hair -- since I was a baby. I'm 39. Looks pretty ridiculous. I've tried hair clips and hats but I just end up ripping them off saying, I don't care! It's very like an addiction that way. Hair clips are effective at work though because I'm embarrassed enough to care and won't remove them. Otherwise I'll do it unconsciously.

The ONLY thing that has ever stopped it at home is cutting my favorite sections -- my top layers -- too short to twist. Oddly, I don't even think about it when I can't do it. You'd think it would drive me nuts. Apparently though, I unconsciously test it because the day it is long enough I'm back to happily twisting away.

If you have the type of hair for it, a layered, feathery hair cut works great for this. The targeted layers should be no longer than 3-4 inches.

Have you noticed a difference with changes in medication? Is it bothersome enough to out-weigh the benefits over another medication? What about when you changed to generics? I have had some pretty bad effects from generics.

Hope you find some solutions.