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Swollen Optic Nerve

Hi all,

This may seem strange but I was wondering if there are any known symptoms of a swollen optic nerve- I don't mean things associated with it as in headaches etc. I am referring to actually 'feeling' that the optic nerve is swollen.

I ask this because on and off for a couple of years (along with other 'brain tumour symptoms') I have been experiencing what I can only describe as a feeling of pressure or fullness in my eyes- it can occur in both but more commonly in my right eye. I experience no pain associated with this- I get headaches but my eye itself never hurts. It is not permanent, just comes and goes. It does not affect my vision generally although I did notice the other day that my right eye appeared darker when I was looking at the computer screen (as in I closed my left eye and looked with my right and then vice versa and there was definitely a distinct difference although my actual vision out of both eyes is fine).

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what this could be, and is it possible that it could be my optic nerve? Can you 'feel' if there is a problem with the optic nerve or is it something that can only be discovered with an eye test?

Thoughts would be appreciated. Thank-you.

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