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Re: AZOOR? Any experience?

hi there i also suffer from spots in vision and other symptoms of azoor. i have been to countless eye doctors and they don't see anything wrong. its pritty amazing that im bombarded by these bright spots, some permanent and directly in my field of vision, and the doctors cant see anything. i try to deal with it best i can, and not obsess about it and check every 10 seconds if they spots have gone. i dont think they ever will. one doctor was able to see one of the spots and his reply to me was, "how can you even see that? its tiny". I told him its very obvious from where im standing and that was the end of my search for answers. this was about a year ago. i havent tried an opta neurologist but at this point, we might have to suffer in silence, i dont think there are cures for this type of stuff. all the best

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