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Re: CVID Questions

Originally Posted by mws952002 View Post
I have a couple of questions. I am currently waiting for response to pneumonia vaccine. Had chest CT scan with some granulomas and just told pulmonary function results. Confirmed active asthma (air trapped in lungs). Put on inhaler right away. But my questions are, 1) is it possible to have CVID even with normal antibodies to flu & tetanus? 2) Does CVID progress, e.g. is it progressive disease, or if you have a mild case, is it likely to stay mild? Thx.
They shouldn't be checking for antibodies to flu. I think my tetanus was normal and my pneumonia was low or no antibody response. Its only required that you fail (low or no response) to one (if I remember correctly).

The trick here is the word "variable" in the disease name. It varies in ALL of us. Some never get sick and only have tummy issues. Some are sick constantly. Its good they did the ct. Keep an eye on the granulomas for changes (multiplying, growing larger, etc). Once on proper treatment the disease may stabilize, but there are no guarantees. Again, we are all different. The expectation is that most go on to lead a normal, productive life. Be your own best advocate, have an awesome, experienced doctor and if you keep getting sick after 6 months to a year of treatment as to increase your IgG.

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