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Won't see a doctor about it

I'm an adult, living with my parents due to my own health problems. I strongly suspect my father has some form of dementia, not necessarily Alzheimer's. He is quite impossible to be around due to his behavior.

I don't think my father realizes anything is wrong and my mother won't admit anything is wrong. She gets angry if anyone brings it up. She won't get him to see a doctor and he's getting worse. So I spoke to his doctor and they won't do anything, they said that they can't even discuss it with me. I'm not asking for any medical or confidential information, I just wanted to tell them that he's not well and he's showing alarming symptoms.

Is there anything that I can do? Sure, I'll eventually get better and move out but that's not really the issue, my father's mental state is being allowed to deteriorate while it could be reversed or even just slowed down. He's even becoming a danger to himself and others.

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