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Re: 23, high systolic blood pressure, rapid heart rate, anxiety

Originally Posted by matt2911 View Post
Well where do I start? I feel your pain Dude as I was there also. My symtoms started after several stressful situations. A neighbor harrassing me about our yard, Job stress and complaints, relatives sicknesses and passing, you know. Its bad when someone elses Dad passes but when yours does, its a major life event.
I had the shaking episodes and the heart beats racing like I was going to be sick and nausea too, bad nausea. I was starting to lose my witts at certain points as well. Everytime a episode started I was off to the hospital for four hours minimum. Thank God for my mom helping me out and taking me to hospital.
Have you had any major stresses in you life??
I suppose I have but these symptoms developed before then. What ended up being your diagnosis?

I lost my cousin to a drug overdose, he was like a brother to me. Everything has definitely gotten worse since then but I think it is because they have simply been unable to find a cause for my symptoms.